Guillem Duquette

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Guillem Duquette (Guillermo Álvarez Berrocal; Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, 1992) is a Spanish singer, musician, actor and creator currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. He collaborates with other artists working in different disciplines (music, theatre, audiovisual creation, etc.) as much as releases his own productions.

For 9 years, he studied violoncelo and classical music theory at several Spanish High Music Conservatories.
In 2010, he’s admitted in the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Málaga, where for two years he studies a Bachelor in Musical Theatre. In 2012, he’s casted as a singer and actor within a musical show produced by the Spanish singer Gisela and as a dancer for her concerts tour. He must therefore move to Barcelona, where he studies singing technique with Daniel Anglès and Yasmina Azlor and jazz at the school Jam Session, while he also works as assistant in theatrical productions and as singing and music teacher.
After one year in Barcelona, he moves to Galicia to continue his training on theatre and dance at the schools Espazo Aberto and Circonove.
In 2014, he gains admission to the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático (RESAD) and the Real Conservatorio de Danza Mariemma (RCPD Mariemma), in Madrid. For two years, he lives there and starts presenting his own theatrical and musical projects, such as , “salita de espera-“ and, most importantly, [Salita de Estar], which are taken on tour to London, Amsterdam, Essen and several other Spanish cities. Also during this period he works as an actor in spots and short films and as a dancer in the piece “DeCid”, by Fernando LR Parra.
In 2016, he moves to Stockholm, where he finally resumes his musical career by writing new music, playing in different events and venues and collaborating with other musicians such as the duo Clutterculture and the pianist Rickard Rådmark. He occasionally travels to Spain to also play there.
He’s currently studying music production in Stockholm, working from time to time as an actor, collaborating with other musicians and presenting his own music in all kind of events and venues.


· BA in Text Theatre Acting; RESAD Madrid (2014/2015)

· BA in Musical Theatre Acting; ESAD Malaga. (2010/2012)

· Undergraduate Degree in Contemporary Dance; RCPD Mariemma Madrid (2014/2016)

· Undergraduate Degree in Violoncello and Music; Music Professional Conservatories of Castellon, Malaga & Seville. (2001/2009) · Course “Voice Plays”; by Alex Nowitz. Stockholm University of Arts (2017)

· Acting course “Hacia Tennessee Williams” (Towards Tennessee Williams), by Heidi Steinhardt. Madrid (2016)

· Dramaturgy workshop “Taller Dramaturgia Joven”; by La Joven Compañía. Madrid (2016)

· Grant holder for IMPACT15 (International Symposium); PACT Zollverein, Essen (2015)

· Contemporary dance lessons with Pau Aran, Camille Hanson, Lucyanna Pettengill, Maximiliano Sanford and more.

· Actors’ training and creation seminar; by Heidi Steinhardt. Madrid (2015)

· Dance seminar “El cuerpo fantasma”; by Javier Martín. Madrid (2015)

· Dramaturgy workshop “El Agujero y el Gusano”; by Juan Francisco Ferré. Madrid (2014)

· Regular Course for Camera Acting; by Sonia Méndez. Espazo Aberto (2013/2014)

· Regular Course for Theatre & Physical Theatre Acting; by Carlos Neira. Espazo Aberto (2013/2014)

· David Mamet’s Acting Technique Course, levels I & II; by José Luis Ferrer (2014)

· Contemporary dance, contact technique & acrobatics; various teachers. Circo Nove (2013/2014)

· Regular Course for Modern Music Theory & Jazz Guitar. Escola Jam Session (2012/2013)

· Workshop for Cinema Screenplays Writing; by Francesco Tavolaro (2013)

· Musical theatre’s singing technique, with Daniel Anglés (2012/2013)

· Voice Craft singing technique, with Yasmina Azlor (2012/2013)

· Clown Course “Tatuando sonrisas”; by Lluna Albert (2012)

· “Estill Voice Model Level One: Compulsory Figures for Voice Control”; by Helen Rowson. (2011)


· Singer in «Charlottesville», single by NIGHT (Sweden, 2018)

· Collaboration as a singer in the album “Plenum”, by the Swedish hip-hop duo Clutterculture (2017)

· “Stranden”. Commercial for Red Flag AB (2017). Actor. HONESTY (Sweden)

· Web commercial for “Viasat Sport” (2017). Actor. Hyper Island (Sweden)

· “Six feet under water” (by JEL) - Music video (2016). Actor. Art:Ery (Sweden)

· Web commercial for “Batteriåtervinningen” (2016). Actor. ProLounge (Sweden).

· “Siete disfraces” - Short film(2015). Actor. UCM students (Spain)

· “The Frequency” - Short film (2014). English voice over. Contacto Producciones (Spain).

· “Direcciones” - Short film (2014). Actor. ESCAC Barcelona (Spain)

· Demo for TV Game Show “Soul Out” (2014). Actor. English-speaking work. Secuoya Content Distribution (Spain).

· “Al son de la música” - Short film (2013). Actor. Universitat de Barcelona (Spain). drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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