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Fotograf och redigerare
Målgrupp: Producent/prod.ledare, Regissör, Manusförfattare, Fotograf, Inspeln.ledare/scripta, Klippare, Postprod./bild

Fotograf och redigerare tillgänglig för arbete. Hanterar allt från spelfilm till dokumentärt till reklamfilm.
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Job opportunity

Hello Martin, my name is Electra Gustafsson and I am a film producer and director living in Sweden. I am writing to you because I am on the look for completing my film crew for my new film production. Last year I made a short film called "CONTROL" and it was very successful and therefore I will be making a second part. "CONTROL the hunt". The movie is about a woman Veronica and her lust for blood. Description - Veronica have finally start controlling her blood lust and got a happy life with her new girlfriend, but one day she gets into a car accident and believe that the old hunters are back to finish what they started. She can not stop them without risking losing her craziness for blood. ‘’with love you can control anything’’
This movie will be bigger and filmed in Sweden, Boston, London and Hollywood. It will have a premiere in a cinema in Stockholm and big posters will go up in schools and many other locations.
I wanted to offer you a job opportunity as one of the camera operator or as one assistants. As a cameraman you would be filming and as an assistant you could do a little of everything, working with crew and actor. Your work would happen in Sweden.
This job would be to work some of the time and others would be stepping in.
There is going to be a crew meeting next month and the filming starts in March-May. Premiere in June 2019. This is a real job with real professional actors, no payment except free poster and free DVD.
You could also be assigned as a step in. The would mean as an extra for filming once or twice when other people are sick.

Please let me know if you are interested as soon as you can. And I can answer any questions if you may have any.

Best regards
Producer and Director
Electra Gustafsson

Job opportunity

Hi Electra!
I'm glad you want me in your film crew.
When you're writing that this film will be premiering at a cinema in Stockholm, it makes me curious which one you are referring to?

You're also writing this is a production with professional actors and a proper crew. If that's the case people should get paid. It's their living, exactly like being a cameraman and editor is mine.

You are welcome to contact me if you can see my point of view to it.
Have a great day!

Best regards
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