The Closing Tide

On the fifth day of the Closing Tide, King Urno Shoshane will make a declaration that will be unexpected by some, rejoiced by others, and hated by many. For Maen Ishaelar, the declaration means an end to centuries of suffering and persecution at the hands of the mortal monarchy... but prejudices die hard, and is a few words on a piece of paper really enough to stop the bloodshed?

In the name of the Dae is a short fantasy drama set within a frontier-type society. The tribal communities living on the islands north of the Shoshane Empire have struggled for centuries to survive on the fringes of a culture that is ever expanding. They have been repeatedly persecuted, tortured, or even enslaved due to the southern aristocrats lust for power. However, all is not lost. After many decades of embassies and debates, King Urno Shoshane has finally decided to offer a hand of peace to the tribes... but not all are willing to listen.


Projektstart 2018-09-11

Projektet startades av Elizabeth Carlyon. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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