The Scars of Ali Boulala 2

Ali Boulala became legendary around the world in the late 1990s
for being the most fearless and eccentric skateboarder of his
time. After a tragic motorcycle accident in 2007, everything in
his life changed. Not only did he lose the ability that defined
him as a person -to skate- but he also lost one of his best friends
who died in the accident.
Through the extensive archive material ranging from Ali´s
childhood in the early 1990s to the end of his skateboarding
career in 2007, and interwoven with newly shot scenes and
interviews with Ali and those closest to him, we present a
personal portrait of one of the most colourful skateboarders of
our time who fights to heal the wounds on the inside.


Projektstart 2020-01-14

Projektet startades av Mario Adamson. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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